FSK Pilsen Training center has an ambition to become a place where foosball players, both beginners and profesionals, can meet and practice their table-soccer skills. „No bees no honey, no work no money“ works here as well as in any other sport.

There are 4 professional foosball tables in FSK Pilsen´s training center – 2 german Leonhart tables, one french Bonzini and italian Garlando table. In Pilsen there are many competetions regularly organized on Leonhart and Bonzini tables. Leagues and tournaments have different levels so that everyone can play with equal opponents and win.

Goals of the centre:
 – To give local, national and foreign players a place to meet, play and communicate with other players
 – To have a place to train for international competitions
 – To build a nice and sporting image of table soccer


Our center has jus become an „ITSF training centre“ – official training center approoved by International table soccer federation –  ITSF.

Entry fees with its advantages you can find HERE.

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